About Us

The Trust Bridge™ offers businesses a unique combination of expertise designed to ensure that we deliver trusted, compliant services to our customers, in the light of the new GDPR regulations, PECR and e-privacy laws. Legal, technical and practical management experience, coupled with mentoring and training, ensures we can offer a complete service to our clients.

We are a team of highly qualified specialists who guide organisations through an alignment process to help prepare for any transformation and change required to manage personal data and consent in compliance with these new regulations.

The Trust Bridge™ team has been working in the Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Compliance sectors for many years. More recently we have been working with EU and worldwide organisations to help them align with the new Data Privacy regimes including GDPR.

Our multi-skilled team has global experience across four continents with audit, legal, governance and compliance experience, technological transformation and global data breach experience

The Trust Bridge™ has partnered with e-Careers, the professional elearning platform, to deliver courses relating to Data Privacy Regulations and Compliance, Cyber Security and Business Transformation.

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